Emran's Sword

The manufacture of Damascene swords was a craft surrounded by a lot of secrecy


Damascene steel or Damascus steel is a type of steel used to make the sword blade, which Damascus is famous for and is attributed to. Damascene swords were made of Hindu steel (the country steel of India); It was distinguished by its unique, discussed and engraved inscriptions; it was also known for its toughness and resistance to wear, and for its sharpening and sharpening ability to an extremely flexible cut point. The Damascene Sword has gained wide popularity throughout history, and has been surrounded by many stories and novels, such as the ability to cut a hair falling on its blade.



This type of steel was called Damascene in relation to the Syrian capital, Damascus, as it was the capital of the Umayyad state, and a central metropolis during the Abbasid era, in which these swords were manufactured and sold, and the distinctive typical pattern of it became famous in a way that it was also called any steel that carries these specifications, as is the case with Damascene brocade decorations. The manufacture of Damascene swords was a craft surrounded by a lot of secrecy, and skilled craftsmen passed on from generation to generation until it ceased to exist, and there are no notes of the original method that was used in the past.


The Damascene steel sword is famous for its toughness and flexibility at the same time, and for its strength and light weight, in addition to the beauty of form and the splendor of design; The Damascene Swords were distinguished from others by an artistic phenomenon known as the "essence" or "the friend", the essence has many forms appearing on the blades and seeing ripples and spots, until the name “Damascene” was launched on the way these swords are made, especially the blade that is made of steel and the distinctive patterns and corrugations it contains.

Photo from Popular Science of Dr. Carnes with his home-made Damascus blade.  The original caption reads, “Dr. W. Stuart Carnes proves that his modern sword of Damascus meets one of the tests of the legendary weapons.  At right, shaving hair from the arm.” 
source: https://skullsinthestars.com/2011/09/01/ancient-swords-modern-nanotechnology/